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Partnership Strategy

Unlocking the power of partnerships 

A great partnership starts with a complete understanding of your brand partner and their challenge. Partnership Solutions applies genuine strategic thinking to define how the right entertainment partnership can deliver against a brand’s key marketing challenges.

We move brands beyond a traditional ‘logo association’ to a partnership which leverages access the rights holder’s IP and enables better use of assets and partnership benefits to solve their brand problems.
 Brands we work with are not passionate about ‘logo slapping’. They seek help to unlock the power of partnerships to engage and communicate with passionate audiences in a way traditional media channels simply can’t.

We are here to help you and your teams develop the right strategic approach. 

A defined role for partnerships

We develop a strategy that brings clarity to insights and outlines a defined role for sponsorship and brand partnerships to ensure they deliver against core brand objectives.

The right alignment

We help identify the right organisations to partner with or recommend what existing partnerships a brand should keep, adjust or potentially exit.

More integrated thinking

How do brands ‘show up’? What does the brand want to say vs the audience want to hear? How do you drive deeper and more meaningful connections with your audience? We will aim to address all these questions & more!

Better use of IP, assets and benefits

We deep dive on what assets and benefits can be leveraged to solve brand problems and whether in fact partnership assets are aligned to our challenge.



Our strategy will define the right approach to measurement and deliver evidence of effectiveness. We focus on a return on objectives…not just a return on investment

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