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Partnership Management

Management resources for seamless execution from end to end

Acquiring new partners can often be a challenging and time consuming process. It is therefore critical that any new partners secured are set up for success. The right approach to partnership management will ensure your partners achieve a return not only on their investment, but more importantly, their objectives - resulting in higher deal values and stronger retention.


Rights Holder Managed

Under this model, Partnership Solutions will finalise terms with new partners and deliver a signed MOU to enable the rights holder to draft and manage contracts. Partnership Solutions will provide ‘light touch’ support during the partnership activation however the partnership management will be the responsibility of the rights holder.

Partnership Solutions Managed
Under this model, Partnership Solutions will assign and manage a dedicated project manager to the partnership who will manage execution from end to end. The project manager will work directly with the partner, it’s agencies and the rights holder team to deliver, optimise, measure and report on all partnership benefits committed.

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