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Partner Acquisition

No 'off the shelf' partnership proposals

Partnership Solutions works directly with rights holders in music, sport, arts and entertainment to attract and acquire mutually beneficial brand & media partners.

We don’t believe in a traditional approach of marketing ‘off the shelf’ sponsorship proposals built on 'logo association'! 
We develop and apply a strategic framework to help rights holders secure integrated and accountable brand partners. We seek to understand what rights holders need from partners – how can the right brands and organisations help tell their story? How can partners enhance their audience experience?

Then we develop a commercial vision and partnership strategy that identifies the right partner prospects and provides governance as to how partnership assets and benefits should be brought to life – maximising the potential for a long term brand association.

Our partner acquisition strategy delivers bespoke partner pitches, bringing clarity to insights and brand objectives and setting rights holders on the path to success in the partnership space.  Our approach helps position rights holders as genuine thought-leaders and serves to galvanise all their key internal and external stakeholders.

Approach to Market

Our market approach is centred firmly around helping brands unleash the power of partnerships with genuine strategic thinking to help solve brand problems. We work closely with rights holders to identify the right approach to market – either under a representation or a consultancy model.


a) Representation Model

Under this model, sponsorship acquisition is outsourced to Partnership Solutions to manage exclusively. This model is often best suited to new properties requiring end to end delivery - from development of pitch assets to a signed partnership agreement.

b) Consultancy Model

A consultancy model can be adopted for rights holders who wish to support, nurture and grow existing partnership teams. We’ll onboard the new partner acquisition strategy, reinvigorate teams, shift mindsets and work along side internal teams to grow and nurture partner relationships.

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