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Thinkergirls Partnership

Influencer Talent Partnership
eHarmony Logo.png

The world of dating, relationships and finding lasting love were hot topics for  ‘The Thinkergirls’, Stacey June and Kristie Mercer. To help the Thinkergirls' audience leave the superficial side of dating behind, Greg Tremain developed a multi-dimensional partnership with eHarmony. Through paid, social and earned media, the multiplatform workshop style video content series explained eHarmony’s algorithm and showed how it separated itself from other dating services to build deeper, long-lasting connections. The Thinkergirls focused on the importance of singles recognising exactly who they are and what they want in a relationship before embarking on the matching journey. Seamlessly integrated across on air, socials and owned assets, the campaign concluded with an exclusive singles party where eHarmony’s data scientist, matched attendees with uniquely compatible singles. Let’s just say, the sparks flew!

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